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The American Alsatian is a large breed of domestic dog, developed in the United States. It was created to resemble the German Shepherd Dog but with a more relaxed and laid back temperament. This breed has since become popular as a companion animal due to its gentle nature and good-natured personality.

As such, this article aims to discuss the history and characteristics of the American Alsatian in greater detail.

The American Alsatian was first bred by Lois Denny, an animal breeder from Los Angeles County, California in the late 1980s. She wanted to produce a wolf-like canine that would have all the desired traits of a domesticated pet without any of the aggression or physical attributes associated with wolves.

To achieve this goal, she crossed various breeds including Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherds, English Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds and Malamutes over several generations until her desired outcome had been achieved.

American Alsatian

History Of The American Alsatian

The American Alsatian is a large breed of domestic dog that has grown in popularity over the last decade. According to The International Wolfdog Registry, an estimated 5,000 American Alsatians were registered between 2008 and 2019. This makes it the most popular wolf-like breed amongst its contemporaries.

Responsible breeding practices and proper nutrition are two key elements within this particular canine’s development and continued success as a domesticated pet.

Developed by Lois Denny in 1988, the American Alsatian was bred with specific characteristics in mind. She used German Shepherd Dogs and English Mastiffs to create her vision for an ideal companion animal – one which had fewer health problems than other breeds due to their genetic diversity. In addition, she wanted them to have a calm demeanor so they could be excellent family pets or service animals.

To ensure these puppies grew up with the desired traits, responsible breeding methods such as planned litters, pedigree analysis and genetic testing were used during their creation. Furthermore, proper nutrition for both adult and puppy stages was also highly emphasized throughout the process.

Physical Characteristics And Appearance

The American Alsatian is a breed of dog that was developed in the United States. It has been bred to standards established by the Alsatian Breeding Association and follows specific criteria when evaluating its quality.

The coat colors accepted for this breed are silver, black and tan, wolf-gray, brindle, sable, or white with patches of other colors.

This particular breed can grow up to 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 80 and 120 pounds as an adult. Its body is large and muscular but well proportioned so it does not appear bulky or disproportionate. It has long legs which make it ideal for running long distances over a variety of terrain due to its athleticism. The head is broad with almond shaped eyes, a slight stop between them, and medium sized ears that set high on the head.

The temperament of American Alsatians is one of their most attractive qualities. They are known to be gentle, loyal companions who take great pleasure in spending time with their owners and families. Overall they have even temperaments and display good manners while in public settings such as parks or around strangers.

Behavioral Characteristics

The American Alsatian is an attentive and loyal companion, who requires a great deal of socialization to bring out its best qualities. With the right environment and companionship, this breed can develop into a devoted pet for all members of the family.

Its sensitive nature means that it has strong emotional needs which need to be met in order for it to feel secure and contented. This majestic breed is known for its calm demeanor, amiable temperaments and intelligence, traits that make them excellent family pets.

It enjoys being around people but does not require too much exercise or playtime to stay happy; therefore making it well suited for older owners or those with limited mobility. Some key behavioral characteristics include:

  • Patiently waiting until given permission before moving from one place to another
  • Responding positively when spoken to in a soft voice
  • Easily adapting to different environments if provided with appropriate socialization needs
  • Expressing itself emotionally through its deep eyes and gentle touches

Health And Longevity

The American Alsatian is a large breed of dog that stands up to 28 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 85 – 140 pounds.

As with all breeds, the American Alsatian’s health is dependent upon their genetics as well as diet and exercise regimens.

It is important for owners to be aware of potential hereditary diseases present in this breed, such as hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, which are both common joint problems seen in larger dogs due to improper development or growth.

Additionally, the dietary needs of an American Alsatian should include proper amounts of lean protein sources and healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes for energy.

The breed typically does not have any specific food sensitivities but may have difficulty digesting certain additives commonly found in commercial pet foods.

Regular veterinary check-ups should also be done to ensure early detection of any issues before they become serious health concerns that could lead to long-term harm if left untreated.

Overall, it is essential for owners to pay close attention to their American Alsatians’ diet and overall lifestyle habits so they remain happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Exercise routines must be tailored specifically to suit each individual dog’s physical abilities; however, too much strenuous activity can place unnecessary strain on a pup’s developing bones and joints leading to damage over time.

Providing adequate nutrition along with regular vet visits will help keep your pup feeling great while ensuring any underlying medical conditions are caught quickly and treated appropriately before becoming more severe problems down the road.

American Alsatian

Training And Exercise Requirements

American Alsatians require regular socialization, exercise and training to develop into happy and healthy canine companions.

Socialization needs must be met from a young age for the American Alsatian to become accustomed to unfamiliar people, animals, places and situations. Proper early exposure will ensure that the dog is comfortable in all environments.

The breed requires sufficient physical activity to maintain health and mental well-being. Exercise needs should include walks on leash or off leash playtime with other dogs of similar size in a secure area.

Training exercises can also provide physical stimulation through additional activities such as agility courses, scenting games and problem solving challenges. The following list gives an overview of appropriate activities:

  1. Long daily walks on lead
  2. Off leash playtime with compatible dogs
  3. Variety of enrichment activities

Popularity As A Companion Animal

The American Alsatian has become a popular companion animal in recent years due to its size and low maintenance. Although it is large, weighing up to 120 pounds (54 kg), the breed does not require much exercise compared with other larger dog breeds such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers. They are also relatively easy to groom thanks to their short coats, which need little more than occasional brushing and bathing.

Socialization needs for the American Alsatian should be met from an early age by introducing them to different people, places, and experiences. Proper socialization can help ensure that they develop into well-rounded dogs who are comfortable interacting with both humans and animals.

When selecting an American Alsatian puppy from a breeder, potential owners should make sure that their pet has been exposed to a variety of environments while they were still young.

Due to their relatively small grooming requirements, the American Alsatian is often seen as an ideal family pet for those looking for a docile yet loyal companion. With proper care and attention during its formative months, this breed can grow into a gentle giant who loves spending time with its human family members.


The American Alsatian is a unique breed that has become increasingly popular as a companion animal. With its striking physical characteristics and gentle temperament, it’s no wonder why this loyal canine has earned such admiration.

While they may not be the most energetic of breeds, they still require regular exercise in order to remain healthy and contented.

Their long lifespan ensures owners will enjoy their faithful companionship for many years.

No matter what life brings, an American Alsatian cannot help but bring joy with its charm, loyalty, and affectionate nature.

For those looking for an intelligent yet laid-back pet, the American Alsatian could provide just the right combination of traits desired.

With so much to offer any prospective owner should take into consideration all aspects before making the decision to adopt one of these wonderful animals into their homes.