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The American Foxhound is a breed of hound originating from the United States. It is descended from English and French Foxhounds that were brought to America in the 1600s for hunting purposes.

While primarily bred for the purpose of hunting, today it has become an increasingly popular family pet due to its gentle nature and sociable disposition. This article will provide further information on the origins, characteristics, temperament, health concerns and suitability as a companion animal of the American Foxhound.

American Foxhounds are medium-sized dogs with long legs built for speed and agility. They have a lean physique with an average height range between 21–25 inches at their shoulders and weigh anywhere between 45–75 lbs when fully grown.

Their short coats come in tricolor combinations such as black, tan and white or red, tan and white which make them easily recognizable among other breeds. Additionally, they have long ears that hang down to their cheeks as well as wide set eyes that give off an alert expression.

An American Foxhound dog with large floppy ears looking at the camera with a head tilt

Origins Of The American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that dates back to the 17th century. It was bred for one purpose: hunting foxes, and it served its purpose admirably. Its history can be traced through records kept by colonial Americans who used these hardy hounds as part of their hunting techniques.

The original dogs had certain characteristics which would later become known as the breed standards; they were tall and muscular with powerful legs designed for running long distances, and keen noses capable of tracking prey across miles of terrain.

Though originally intended only for use in fox hunts, the American Foxhound is now also popularly used in other sports such as field trials or simply providing companionship to owners. This breed has proven itself to be incredibly adaptable over time, going from centuries-old hunting traditions to modern day family pet in no time at all–a true testament to its versatility!

Physical Characteristics

The American Foxhound is descended from a long line of hounds used for fox hunting in England, making it an iconic breed with longstanding cultural significance. As such, the physical characteristics of the breed have been strengthened through generations of selective breeding.

This medium to large-sized dog stands between 21 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs anywhere between 65 and 70 pounds. Its short coat can come in any combination of black, tan and white colors; regular brushing will keep its fur looking sleek and healthy.

In terms of exercise needs, this active breed requires plenty of daily activity – including walks or runs – as well as opportunity to play off leash in open fields so they can romp around and explore their environment. The grooming requirements are moderate: occasional baths every few weeks should suffice along with weekly brushings to remove loose hair and dirt from its dense doublecoat. Additionally, owners should routinely check the ears for debris buildup to prevent infection caused by wax accumulation.

American Foxhounds make loyal companions who enjoy being part of a family but can become easily bored if not given adequate activities to do. They need consistent training starting at an early age which includes basic obedience commands as well socialization with other people and animals alike.

With proper care and attention, these intelligent dogs can be great lifelong additions to any home.


The American Foxhound is a breed of hound dog known for its gentle and friendly temperament. This breed has been around since the 18th century, when they were used as scent-hounds to hunt foxes in rural areas across America. Despite their past use as hunting dogs, they make excellent companions with proper socializing tendencies.

These dogs have an independent streak that can be difficult to manage if not trained properly. However, with patience and consistency during training sessions, these intelligent creatures will eventually become well behaved members of the family.

They are generally good natured but can sometimes bark excessively or chase after small animals due to their strong prey drive. As such, it is recommended to start early obedience classes while allowing your pup time outside to explore and exercise regularly so he/she can remain calm indoors.

In addition to regular exercise, American Foxhounds should also receive plenty of mental stimulation from interactive activities like playing fetch or teaching them tricks. Socialization opportunities should also be provided at an early age in order for them to develop positive relationships with other people and animals alike.

With consistent reinforcement through reward-based training methods, this breed can learn quickly and easily adjust to life within a home setting without much difficulty.

Health Concerns

American foxhounds are generally healthy dogs. However, they can suffer from a few health concerns that owners should be aware of.

American foxhounds have fairly specific dietary needs and require regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. In order to sustain their active lifestyle, these dogs need to consume an appropriate amount of high-quality dog food with adequate amounts of protein. They also benefit from an occasional treat or snack as part of a balanced diet. Owners should speak with their vet about the best way to feed their American foxhound for optimal health results.

Exercise is essential for this breed in order to keep them both physically and mentally stimulated. An adult American foxhound requires at least 30 minutes of dedicated exercise every day. This could include long walks, running, swimming, playing fetch in the yard or other activities designed to increase physical activity levels while providing mental stimulation.

With proper care and attention focused on nutrition and exercise requirements, American foxhounds will lead happy lives full of energy and enthusiasm.

The dog breed American Foxhound a close-up

Suitability As A Companion Animal

The American Foxhound is an excellent companion breed, owing to its agreeable temperament and friendly nature. According to the AKC, it ranks 140th out of 193 breeds in popularity due to their relatively high exercise requirements and grooming needs.

This breed requires a large amount of daily activity and interaction with humans as well as other dogs for optimal health. As such, they make great companions for those who are active individuals or families that can provide enough space for them to run around in.

The coat of these hounds should be brushed regularly, especially during shedding season when more fur may need to be removed from their coats. It is also important to keep their nails trimmed so they do not cause any discomfort while running around or playing — this may require visits to the groomer every once in a while.

In addition:

  • Regularly scheduled walks/runs will help maintain physical fitness
  • Make sure your environment has plenty of stimulation – toys, games, etc.
  • Provide ample opportunities for socialization
  • Aim for a diet that is balanced and nutritious.

Popularity As A Household Pet

American Foxhounds have become increasingly popular as household pets due to their loyal, gentle, and friendly personalities. They are relatively easy to train and will require regular exercise in order for them to remain healthy and happy.

BehaviorExercise NeedsTraining Tips
LoyaltyRegular Walks/RunsPositive Reinforcement & Consistency
FriendlinessPlaytime Sessions Daily ActivityRewards-Based Training Programs Encouragement over Punishment
IntelligenceMental Stimulation (Games) Socialization with Other Dogs Clear Boundaries & Rules

The American Foxhound is an ideal pet for those looking for an active companion that loves being outdoors but also enjoys spending time indoors with its family. Their love of activity can be catered by providing the necessary exercises such as daily walks or runs while they should also be given plenty of playtime sessions, mental stimulation through games, and socialization with other dogs in order to keep them mentally stimulated. In addition, positive reinforcement paired with consistent training methods are essential when it comes to teaching your new pup basic commands and behaviors; never use punishment as a form of discipline – rewards based training programs work best! With clear boundaries and rules set from the beginning, you’re sure to have a successful relationship between you and your American Foxhound.


The American Foxhound is a versatile breed that has been popular in the United States for centuries. It is known for its hardy constitution, loyalty to family members and intelligence.

This loyal companion is an ideal pet for active households with plenty of outdoor space for exercise. With proper care, these dogs can live up to 15 years or more.

The American Foxhound shows great enthusiasm when running and hunting but also loves spending time indoors with their families. In recent years, the popularity of this breed as a household pet has increased significantly; over 100,000 new registrations were made in 2017 alone according to the American Kennel Club.

For those looking for a loyal, intelligent and strong-willed companion animal, the American Foxhound makes an excellent choice. Its unique combination of physical traits and temperament make it a perfect fit for many types of homes and lifestyles.