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When I went to Africa, one of the animals I was looking forward to seeing the most was zebras. I love horses, so seeing herds of zebras was something that I couldn’t wait to see and photograph. However, what I didn’t realize is just how aggressive zebras are.

Zebras can be highly aggressive and bite, kick, and push predators. They are powerful and can change from a state of calm to extreme panic in seconds. Zebras will do everything they can to protect themselves, their foals, and their herd and have often been seen fighting off attacks from lions.

The reality is that many animals that live in herds tend to have their aggressive side, and zebras are no exception. Because they look like horses, most people think they can stroke them, but zebras are wild animals.

There are three zebra species, and the Grevy’s zebra, mountain zebra, and the plains zebra can all be aggressive. These animals tend to stay in large herds, with males having their harem, which means they will always travel in groups. However, group dynamics are not always perfect, and there can be signs of aggression and attacks.

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Will a zebra stallion attack people?

Zebra stallions will attack humans. Stallions live in harems with up to 6 mares and their offspring. If humans get close to their babies or females, stallions are prone to attack. Stallions can be very aggressive, and it’s dangerous to get close to these animals.

Females are also aggressive. If you get close or endanger their foals, you will have to deal with an aggressive animal. Females are known to be very aggressive in protecting their young.

Another reason that zebras are aggressive is that it keeps them safe. Since they live in a herd, they all help protect each other. If a predator is attacking, zebras will often attack together to deter the attacker away from them.

If one of the zebras in the group is injured, the others will circle it to help protect it. They will then try to push the intruder away. Zebras will use their teeth and hooves to defend themselves and each other.

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Which zebras are the most aggressive?

Out of the three zebras species, the Grevy’s zebra is the most aggressive. They are the largest species, and the zebra is most prone to show signs of aggression. Zoos often have to keep them apart as they don’t get on well with other species, which is not the case for mountain zebras and plains zebras.

As mentioned above, though, all zebras can be dangerous and should be treated as wild animals. If it comes down to protecting their herd and foals, zebras are like most other mammals.

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Why are zebras more aggressive than horses?

Zebras will show aggressive behaviours when needed. They are agile and can fight off attackers quicker than horses or donkeys. Because of their habitats, zebras are used to dealing with potential predators, so they have to do anything in their power to protect themselves.

Horses are known to run when faced with predators, and they don’t usually look to attack. Fights between horses are typically for dominance. Donkeys are regularly employed as guards over herds of sheep and goats and can often fight off wild dogs from attacking them.

A stallion will often fight off predators, allowing time to run away for the remainder of the herd. Female zebras will also join the attack if the herd is smaller. However, they usually leave the stallions to deal with any attack from predators. Each pack has its own set of rules when dealing with predators, and they always stick to them.

Are zebras aggressive during mating?

Stallions will battle other males to show who is the most dominant. They fight for control over different herds of females, and it is surprising how long these battles can be. According to researchers, some stallions can battle for up to an hour, sometimes even longer. They are very resilient and won’t give up until close to death.

The aggression shown during these battles is well beyond what they use when a predator attacks the herd. Stallions will go all-out to exert their dominance and prove their social status. The aggression shows how determined and focused on eliminating their competition these animals can be.

This happens quite a lot in the animal kingdom. A good example would be lions, who end up in a similar situation. Young males will always try to battle for dominance, and they may need to fight until their final breath to achieve it.

Are zebras domesticated?

Zebras have never been domesticated. Although some are in captivity and are used to having humans around, zebras are not domesticated. Their aggression plays a significant role in this. While we were able to domesticate donkeys and horses, man has been unable to do the same in the case of zebras.

One of the reasons zebras are hard to domesticate is that they are unpredictable. They tend to panic very quickly, especially if they feel attacked, stressed, or frightened. Zebras can attack anyone around them to stay safe and prevent any possible dangerous situations.

Even if you may not think a zebra is a dangerous animal when you see them, things change when you try to get near them. This is why it’s important not to get close to a zebra and not let children near them.



Although zebras are not overly aggressive when roaming the plains as a group, they can end up being extremely aggressive whenever they sense danger. Zebras are very aggressive with predators, and they can quickly change from a state of calm to complete panic.

Stallions are aggressive and can end up battling each other for hours to show their dominance. Despite their look, the reality is that zebras can be aggressive when they want to be. They might not be as threatening as a lion, but they can still be as dangerous when they want to be.