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Mammals That Start With F

Fainting Goat – The fainting goat’s muscles temporarily freeze when startled, causing it to collapse and play dead.

Fallow Deer – Fallow deer possess beautiful antlers and a distinctive spotted coat during the summer months.

False Killer Whale – The false killer whale is a large dolphin species known for its social behavior and occasional interaction with humans.

Fennec Fox – The fennec fox has enormous ears that help it dissipate heat in its desert habitat. The fennec fox has not only large ears but also thick fur on its feet, which helps insulate it from the hot desert sand.

Ferret – Ferrets are small, domesticated carnivores known for their playful and curious nature.

Fin Whale – The fin whale is the second-largest animal on Earth, characterized by its streamlined body and baleen plates for filter-feeding.

Fishing Cat – The fishing cat is a proficient swimmer and hunter, capable of catching fish and diving into the water to capture prey.

Florida Mouse – The Florida mouse is an endangered species found only in certain parts of Florida, USA, and is known for its habitat preference in sandhill ecosystems.

Florida Panther – The Florida panther, also known as the cougar or puma, is a critically endangered subspecies of the mountain lion and is native to southern Florida.

Flying Lemur – The flying lemur, despite its name, is not a lemur nor does it truly fly, but it uses flaps of skin to glide through the trees in Southeast Asia.

Flying Squirrel – The flying squirrel possesses a membrane called the patagium that allows it to glide effortlessly between trees, using its bushy tail as a stabilizer.

Formosan Ferret-Badger – The Formosan ferret-badger is a small carnivorous mammal native to Taiwan, recognized by its distinct markings and long snout.

Fossa – The fossa, found only in Madagascar, is a cat-like carnivore known for its agility and ability to climb trees in search of lemurs, its primary prey.

Fox – Foxes are adaptable and cunning animals that belong to the Canidae family, known for their bushy tails and diverse species.

Fruit Bat – Fruit bats, also called flying foxes, are large bats that play a crucial role in pollination and dispersal of seeds in tropical regions.

Fur Seal – Fur seals are marine mammals with thick fur and streamlined bodies, well-adapted for swimming and diving in the ocean.