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Gazelle – Gazelles are elegant and swift antelopes known for their exceptional leaping abilities and long, slender horns.

Genet – Genets are small carnivorous mammals with slender bodies, known for their unique spotted fur and ability to climb trees.

Geoffroy’s Tamarin – Geoffroy’s Tamarin is a small monkey species found in South America, recognized by its striking black and white fur and long tail.

Gerbil – Gerbils are small rodents that are popular as pets, known for their burrowing behavior and ability to store food in their cheek pouches.

Giant Armadillo – The Giant Armadillo is the largest species of armadillo, characterized by its armored shell and powerful digging abilities.

Giant Panda – Giant Pandas are beloved bears native to China, known for their distinctive black and white fur and bamboo-based diet.

Gibbon – Gibbons are agile and arboreal apes known for their swinging locomotion through the trees and hauntingly beautiful songs.

Giraffe – Giraffes are the tallest land animals, recognized for their long necks, graceful strides, and distinctive coat patterns.

Goat – Goats are domesticated animals known for their sure-footedness, beards, and their ability to adapt to various environments.

Golden Jackal – The Golden Jackal is a canid species found in Africa and Eurasia, known for its golden-colored fur and scavenging behavior.

Golden Lion Tamarin – The Golden Lion Tamarin is a small, endangered monkey species native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, characterized by its vibrant orange fur.

Golden Mole – Golden moles are small, insectivorous mammals found in sub-Saharan Africa, known for their unique shovel-like forelimbs and subterranean lifestyle.

Golden-Crowned Flying Fox – The Golden-Crowned Flying Fox is a large bat species with a golden-colored head and a wingspan that can reach up to five feet.

Gopher – Gophers are burrowing rodents that create complex tunnel systems underground, often considered pests in agricultural areas.

Goral – Goral is a small wild goat-like ungulate found in the mountainous regions of Asia, known for its agility and ability to climb steep slopes.

Grasshopper Mouse – The Grasshopper Mouse is a predatory rodent that hunts insects and howls like a tiny wolf to defend its territory.

Gray Wolf – Gray wolves are highly social canines that live in packs, known for their intelligence, hunting skills, and haunting howls.

Greater Hog Badger – The Greater Hog Badger is a large, carnivorous mammal found in Southeast Asia, recognized by its distinctive black and white facial markings.

Greater Mouse-Deer – The Greater Mouse-Deer, also known as the Chevrotain, is a small ungulate found in Southeast Asia, known for its deer-like appearance and diminutive size.

Grey Mouse Lemur – Grey mouse lemurs are small primates found in Madagascar, known for their large eyes and nocturnal behavior.

Grey Seal – Grey seals are marine mammals found in the North Atlantic Ocean, characterized by their mottled grey coats and playful nature.

Grizzly Bear – Grizzly bears are powerful and formidable predators, known for their massive size, humped shoulders, and distinctively silver-tipped fur.

Ground Squirrel – Ground squirrels are small rodents that dig extensive burrows and are known for their ability to hibernate during the winter months.

Guinea Pig – Guinea pigs are popular domesticated rodents, often kept as pets, known for their gentle temperament and adorable squeaks.