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Mammals That Start With I

Impala – Impalas are graceful antelopes found in Africa, known for their incredible jumping abilities and striking black stripes on their hindquarters.

Indian Elephant – Indian elephants are majestic and highly intelligent animals, revered in Indian culture and recognized for their large size and distinctive curved tusks.

Indian Giant Squirrel – Indian giant squirrels are arboreal rodents found in India, known for their vibrant fur colors, long bushy tails, and impressive leaps between trees.

Indian Rhinoceros – Indian rhinoceros, also known as the greater one-horned rhinoceros, is a large and powerful mammal found in the Indian subcontinent, distinguished by its single horn and armored skin.

Indochinese Tiger – Indochinese tigers are a subspecies of tigers found in Southeast Asia, characterized by their beautiful striped coats and formidable hunting skills.

Indri – Indri is a large, arboreal lemur native to Madagascar, known for its unique vocalizations and leaping abilities, making it one of the largest and most endangered lemurs.