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Mammals That Start With J

Jackal – Jackals are medium-sized canids known for their adaptability and opportunistic hunting behavior.

Jackrabbit – Jackrabbits are hare species found in North America, recognized for their long legs and ability to reach impressive speeds.

Jaguar – Jaguars are powerful big cats native to the Americas, known for their muscular build, distinctive rosette patterns, and remarkable swimming skills.

Jaguarundi – Jaguarundis are small wildcats found in the Americas, known for their sleek bodies, long tails, and unique coat colors ranging from reddish-brown to gray.

Japanese Badger – Japanese badgers are terrestrial mammals found in Japan, known for their stocky bodies, short legs, and digging abilities.

Japanese Macaque – Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, are native to Japan and are famous for their affinity for hot springs and their adaptation to cold climates.

Japanese Squirrel – Japanese squirrels are arboreal rodents found in Japan, recognized for their fluffy tails and acrobatic leaps between trees.

Java Mouse Deer – Java mouse deer, also known as Javan chevrotain, is a small hoofed mammal found in Java, known for its diminutive size and deer-like appearance.

Javan Ferret-Badger – Javan ferret badgers are carnivorous mammals found in Java, Indonesia, characterized by their elongated bodies, sharp claws, and black and white facial markings.

Javan Rhinoceros – Javan rhinoceros, one of the most endangered large mammals, is found in Indonesia, known for its single horn and armored skin.

Jerboa – Jerboas are small desert rodents known for their long hind legs, which allow them to move in a series of impressive hops across sandy terrains.