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Mammals That Start With S

Kangaroo – Kangaroos are iconic marsupials found in Australia, known for their powerful hind legs and ability to hop long distances.

Kangaroo Rat – Kangaroo rats are small rodents adapted to desert environments, known for their remarkable ability to survive without drinking water.

Kashmir Musk Deer – Kashmir musk deer is a small deer species found in the Himalayas, recognized for the male’s musk-producing scent gland and prominent fangs.

Kermode Bear – Kermode bears, also known as spirit bears, are a rare subspecies of black bears found in British Columbia, characterized by their creamy white fur.

Key Deer – Key deer are a small subspecies of white-tailed deer found in the Florida Keys, known for their petite size and habitat on these islands.

Kiang – Kiangs are large wild asses native to the Tibetan Plateau, recognized for their endurance and ability to thrive in high-altitude regions.

Kiko Goat – Kiko goats are a breed of domestic goats known for their hardiness, adaptability, and meat production capabilities.

Killer Whale – Killer whales, also known as orcas, are highly intelligent and social marine mammals known for their distinctive black and white coloration and predatory behavior.

Kinder Goat – Kinder goats are a dual-purpose goat breed, known for their friendly nature and high milk production.

Kinkajou – Kinkajous are arboreal mammals found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, recognized for their prehensile tails and nocturnal habits.

Kit Fox – Kit foxes are small fox species found in North America, known for their bushy tails and excellent adaptation to arid environments.

Koala – Koalas are iconic marsupials native to Australia, known for their eucalyptus leaf diet and ability to sleep long hours in trees.

Kodkod – Kodkods are small wild cats found in South America, recognized for their spotted fur and elusive nature.

Kordofan Giraffe – Kordofan giraffes are a subspecies of giraffes found in Sudan, known for their long necks, distinctive coat patterns, and ossicones.

Kouprey – Koupreys are large, wild bovine species found in Southeast Asia, characterized by their impressive horns and habitat in dense forests.

Kudu – Kudu is a large antelope species found in Africa, known for its majestic spiral horns and striking coat patterns.