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Mammals That Start With L

Llama – Llamas are domesticated camelids native to South America, known for their woolly coats and ability to carry heavy loads.

Lemming – Lemmings are small rodents found in Arctic regions, known for their cyclic population fluctuations and occasional mass migrations.

Lemur – Lemurs are primates endemic to Madagascar, recognized for their diverse species and unique adaptations such as their leaping abilities and large eyes.

Leopard – Leopards are large and powerful big cats found in various habitats across Africa and Asia, known for their stealthy hunting skills and distinctive rosette patterns.

Leopard Cat – Leopard cats are small wildcats native to Asia, recognized for their leopard-like appearance and excellent climbing abilities.

Leopard Seal – Leopard seals are formidable marine predators found in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions, known for their sleek bodies and distinctively patterned coats.

Lesser Mouse-Deer – Lesser mouse deer, also known as lesser Malay chevrotain, is a tiny hoofed mammal found in Southeast Asia, known for its small size and secretive behavior.

Liger – Ligers are hybrid big cats resulting from the crossbreeding of a male lion and a female tiger, known for their large size and unique characteristics.

Little Brown Bat – Little brown bats are insectivorous bats found in North America, recognized for their small size and crucial role in insect control.

Loris – Lorises are nocturnal primates found in Asia and Africa, known for their slow movements, large eyes, and ability to hang from branches using a strong grip.

Lynx – The Lynx is a medium-sized wildcat found in various parts of the world, recognized for its tufted ears, short tail, and excellent hunting skills.