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Mammals That Start With M

Macaque – Macaques are medium-sized primates found in various parts of Asia, known for their social behavior and adaptability to different habitats.

Mackenzie Valley Wolf – Mackenzie Valley wolves, also known as Canadian wolves, are large and majestic canids native to North America, recognized for their thick fur and strong pack dynamics.

Malayan Civet – Malayan civets are small carnivorous mammals found in Southeast Asia, known for their nocturnal habits and ability to produce a musk-like secretion.

Malayan Tiger – Malayan tigers are a critically endangered tiger subspecies found in the Malay Peninsula, known for their striking orange fur and black stripes.

Manatee – Manatees are gentle marine mammals found in coastal waters and rivers, recognized for their large size, herbivorous diet, and peaceful demeanor.

Mandrill – Mandrills are colorful and highly social primates found in the rainforests of Africa, known for their striking facial markings and prominent canines.

Maned Wolf – Maned wolves are unique canids found in South America, recognized for their long legs, reddish-brown fur, and distinct black mane.

Margay – Margays are small wildcats native to Central and South America, known for their exceptional agility and ability to climb trees.

Marmoset – Marmosets are small primates found in South America, known for their diminutive size, specialized claws for tree-climbing, and tufted ears.

Marmot – Marmots are large ground-dwelling rodents found in mountainous regions, known for their burrowing behavior and loud whistling alarm calls.

Marsican Brown Bear – Marsican brown bears, also known as Abruzzo bears, are a critically endangered subspecies of brown bears found in Italy, known for their thick fur and strong conservation efforts.

Masai Giraffe – Masai giraffes are a subspecies of giraffes found in East Africa, recognized for their distinctive and irregular coat patterns.

Masked Palm Civet – Masked palm civets are small mammals found in Asia, known for their masked facial markings and nocturnal habits.

Meerkat – Meerkats are small carnivores belonging to the mongoose family, known for their cooperative behavior, upright stance, and keen lookout skills.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat – Mexican free-tailed bats are fast-flying bats found in the Americas, recognized for their exceptional aerial agility and large colonies in caves.

Mink – Mink are semi-aquatic mammals known for their luxurious fur, primarily found in North America and Europe.

Minke Whale – Minke whales are baleen whales found in oceans worldwide, known for their streamlined bodies and relatively small size compared to other whale species.

Mongoose – Mongooses are small carnivorous mammals found in Africa and Asia, known for their agility, intelligence, and ability to take on venomous snakes.

Monkey – Monkeys are a diverse group of primates found in various parts of the world, known for their arboreal lifestyles, dexterous hands, and complex social behaviors.

Moose – Moose are large herbivorous mammals found in the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, recognized for their massive size and impressive antlers.

Mountain Gorilla – Mountain gorillas are critically endangered primates found in the mountainous regions of central Africa, known for their strength, gentle nature, and close-knit social groups.

Mountain Lion – Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, are large and solitary big cats found in the Americas, known for their agility and powerful hunting abilities.

Mouse – Mice are small rodents found worldwide, known for their small size, rapid reproduction, and ability to squeeze through tiny spaces.

Mule – Mules are hybrid animals resulting from the crossbreeding of a male donkey and a female horse, known for their strength and endurance.

Mule Deer – Mule deer are a species of deer found in North America, recognized for their large ears, jumping ability, and distinctive branching antlers.

Muntjac – Muntjacs, also known as barking deer, are small deer species found in Asia, known for their short antlers and distinctive vocalizations.

Musk Deer – Musk deer are a family of small deer species found in Asia, known for the musk produced by the males and their tusks, which are present in some species.

Muskox – Muskoxen are large, shaggy-haired mammals found in Arctic regions, known for their thick fur, formidable horns, and ability to withstand extreme cold.

Muskrat – Muskrats are semi-aquatic rodents found in North America, known for their ability to construct dome-shaped lodges and build underwater burrows.