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Mammals That Start With O

Ocelot – Ocelots are small wildcats native to the Americas, recognized for their beautiful spotted fur and nocturnal hunting habits.

Okapi – Okapis are unique mammals found in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, known for their long necks, zebra-like striped legs, and elusive nature.

Olingo – Olingos are arboreal mammals found in Central and South America, known for their slender bodies, prehensile tails, and primarily fruit-based diet.

Olive Baboon – Olive baboons are a species of baboons found in parts of Africa, known for their distinctive olive-green fur and complex social hierarchies.

Oncilla – Oncillas, also known as little spotted cats, are small wildcats found in Central and South America, recognized for their spotted coat patterns and agile climbing abilities.

Opossum – Opossums are marsupials found in the Americas, known for their ability to play dead when threatened and their pouches in which they carry their young.

Orangutan – Orangutans are large and highly intelligent primates found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, known for their long arms, reddish fur, and remarkable tool use.

Orca – Orcas, also known as killer whales, are apex marine predators found in oceans worldwide, known for their sophisticated hunting strategies, strong social bonds, and distinctive black and white coloration.

Oribi – Oribis are small antelope species found in Africa, recognized for their slender bodies, long legs, and distinctive curved horns in males.

Otter – Otters are semi-aquatic mammals found in various parts of the world, known for their playful behavior, streamlined bodies, and excellent swimming abilities.

Ox – Oxen are domesticated bovines, known for their strength and use in agriculture as working animals, particularly for pulling carts or plowing fields.